Team presentation

Illustration représentant les différents membres du studio Ernestine

Team presentation

Antoine Schmoll
Producer and creative director

Antoine Schmoll is the producer and creative director of Ernestine. Co-author of An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF, he is a specialist in directing, illustration and 2D animation. He has served as a teacher and instructor in video game analysis and production. He has also served as co-author of Castelet and author of Apocalypsheim.

Guillaume Grosshenny

Guillaume Grosshenny is the current developer in Ernestine. Specialized in Unreal Engine, he is the co-author of Castelet and a teacher in video game development.

They worked with us

Sven Duval

Sven Duval is the co-author of our game An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF. Specialized in Unity, he developed an isometric display algorithm that allows the game to have a 3D gameplay in a 2D game world and he developed all the tools which allowed the implementation of this level design. These tools are the basis of our Manuscreen tool.

Thiébaut Dieterich

As a producer, Thiebaut Dieterich was in charge of the release of An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF on Steam. He also supported the launch of Castelet project.

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